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Add Function and Style with a Bespoke Kitchen Island

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If your kitchen is craving additional functionality, and you’re considering integrating or upgrading a kitchen island, this article is for you. 

Tailor-made to both your design preferences and lifestyle, a bespoke kitchen island can act as a workspace, a discreet and stylish storage solution, and an attractive focal point in your home. 

bespoke kitchen island

What should you keep in mind when designing your new space?

Kitchen Islands Aesthetic and Style Inspiration

A bespoke kitchen island should complement the overall existing aesthetic of your kitchen. Whether your kitchen is modern, traditional, or transitional, a kitchen island should look as if it was always meant to be there. While you don’t need to match the design styles, they need to coordinate.

Consider the shape and size of the island, and how it will impact your daily use of the space. If you love to cook and entertain, you may choose a long rectangular island with lots of prep space with bar seating so visitors can chat while you chop. Curved edges bring in an organic element and can make the island feel cosier and welcoming.

A custom design means endless opportunities to add unique finishes, decorative elements, or architectural details. Hand-carved wood, antique corbels, or bevelled panelling are all ways to add visual and design interest. You have a real opportunity to get creative and have fun with your kitchen’s new focal point.

Functional Kitchen Island Design

Functionality needs to be prioritised, so make careful consideration of how your kitchen island will work for you. Consider important aspects like the layout and placement. Ensure the size will not impede any of your other work areas, or access to appliances. Keep the triangle rule in mind: the refrigerator, oven and sink need to be easily accessible, with a clear line between each.

A kitchen island is the perfect way to add clever storage to your kitchen. Use drawers, cabinets, and shelves to organise your serving ware, cookbooks, and small appliances. Explore custom inserts to maximise the efficiency of your drawers to keep things organised and easily accessible. 

Choose features that will complement your lifestyle. Do you want to add a wine fridge for your favourite vintage? Maybe a prep sink to make dinnertime a breeze, or extra seating for family? This is the moment. Maximise functionality and utility in your kitchen with a kitchen island that doesn’t get in the way, but rather makes your routine easier and more seamless. 

Material Choices for Bespoke Kitchen Islands

Carefully consider the materials that you will use for your kitchen island. Understand the durability and maintenance requirements of each of the materials that you choose. Will your stone need to be resealed? How often? How will wood surfaces need to be treated and protected? Each home should use materials that align with their lifestyle, cleaning preferences, and season of life. You don’t want to spend more time worrying about water rings than enjoying the company of your out-of-town friend who just placed her glass down on your new countertop.

bespoke kitchen island

Scawton Kitchens can help you choose the best materials for your kitchen island that will showcase your individual style. You may choose to add warmth with wood cabinetry, or you might prefer a sleek stone backsplash. We have the tools and experience to bring together the elements you need to work and live in your kitchen.

Day-to-Day Use of a Bespoke Kitchen Island

A bespoke kitchen island is the ultimate solution to creating a social space in your home. From helping the kids with the homework to serving drinks to your closest friends a kitchen island gives everyone the space they need.

If you love to entertain, your kitchen island is destined to be a well-used element. Use it to set up a grazing table, line up drinks, or invite friends to pull up a stool. Whatever the design, it will definitely invite conversation and encourage laughter.

At-home chefs can use a kitchen island as a dedicated cooking space. When you have features like a cooktop, prep sink and expansive countertops, you can create everything from gourmet meals to hand-tossed pizzas all in one space. 

We offer timeless, quality craftsmanship that will ensure that your completed island matches your vision, while the select materials we use will age beautifully.