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Solid oak furniture – Keeping it real

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Our client approached us with pictures of 3 pieces of furniture a sideboard, shoe rack and coat rack that they had purchased online that were sold as “Solid Oak”. When the furniture arrived, the description was factually correct but aesthetically lacking. The build quality was well below expected for the price they paid. Also the oak was discoloured due to the coating on the wood.

The client asked if we could recreate these 3 items of furniture, from pictures. Of course, we happily obliged.

Each item was crafted individually to match the picture supplied. Nev, our master cabinet maker, walked to the wood shed, hand-selected each plank of timber so that it was made out of the best quality available. Then he machined up the timber into useable boards and created the furniture , as close as possible, to the pictures supplied.

We delivered the furniture pieces and the client was delighted with what we had produced. Within a few days we had received the finished pictures with everything in place.